UPDATED: End of 2015 Goals List

I promised a new entry each time I updated the list, and I’m updating the list. Lolz! So…

My NEW “End of 2015 Goals” list! (updated/new stuff in bold)

  • Do at least one Jamicure with the Jams I have from Jamberry
  • Keep my nails grown out and well-kept
  • Return the costumes I borrowed from my church for GiShWhEs this past year (but didn’t get to use, boo!) to my church
  • Master (or at least get it down decently) the technique of weaving charms into my cotton string knot bracelets
  • Get my hair cut how I want it (YAHZ!!!! pssst! Check out my Instagram for a photo of it! 😉  ) and dye it pink, turquoise, and plum purple, with maybe some blonde in it too (and keep up the look)
  • Get all my clothes that are still out from when I moved back in put away in drawers or hung up in my closet
  • Host my first giveaway on this blog!
  • Get good pictures of me taken in my Casual Femme Castiel Cosplay
  • Get good pictures of me taken in my Everyday Lady Loki Cosplay
  • Have most (if not all) of my poems typed up and titled, for my book
  • Get with Chuck, the tattoo artist who did my first tattoo and who I would like to do my other tattoo ideas as well, about tat designs ideas I am considering (either the anti possession knot runes tat or my “ShAckles” tat idea that Diedre is currently designing) and find out prices and decide on which design I’d like to have done (or both! If the price is right… 😉 ) and tentatively set up an appointment for either my birthday or for in December 2015, depending on the tattoo(s) I decide on (and that will mostly depend on price); or, maybe save the money I would spend on tattoos if they will be too expensive and get them made into temporary tattoos for SeaCon and use that money that I would have spent on tattoos on SeaCon tickets
  • Get with my good friend Kayce, who is paying for and funding most of my trip to Seattle, about the trip plans and solidify said plans and make all the necessary arrangements, such as scheduling the flights and whatnot (UPDATE: So, the tentative plan is to have me fly out March 13 and stay through March 28/29, depending on which day is better for Kayce. That way, I will be there for just over two weeks and will also be there for not just SeaCon, but for Sakura Con as well!)
  • Buy my ticket for SeaCon (??)
  • Buy the Jensen photo-op (??)
  • Successfully participate in the AKF Gift Exchange
  • If my anti possession/Shackles tattoo(s) isn’t/aren’t too expensive, get my tattoo(s) at Shelli’s “in house session” with Chuck
  • Finish my “first year” of my Gratitude Journal
  • Buy my Sakura Con ticket
  • Get a cartilage ring piercing on my left ear
  • Get a second hole pierced on each ear
  • Get an eye exam and contact lenses (and new glasses)
  • Get a job
  • Lose 5-10 pounds (preferably 10…or more…)
  • Will add to this as I think of more… Lol! And by “add to this”, that means I’ll make a whole new post with these goals plus the new goals. 😉

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