The MostBeautiful ManIn The WorldNeeds to LookAt MeThis Way

Oh Jensen, how I love thee… *sighs deeply*

If he looked at me that way? I would start crying out of being sheer overwhelmedness from the ache and longing I feel to be with his gorgeous and amazing self. Le sigh. I think a part of me REALLY IS ROMANTICALLY IN LOVE with Jensen Ackles, and that’s just a little bit sad and pathetic. *insert sarcasm* LOLZ!

I would just…love…for him to look at me that way…for one of my photo ops with him…or my one photo op with him…whichever it ends up being… My heart would just burst. CONFETTI! It’s a PARADE!!! *sighs*

In tat news! One of my geek girl blogger friends told me how to work an online program to isolate part of stuff I want for my Celtic Endless Knot Anti Possession Tat, and I changed my mind a bit on the elements I want in it.

I still want the runes:


But I want them to be the OUTSIDE circle of the tat. On the inside, I want another circle of an endless “knot”/weave type design, but not like what I originally posted. I want something not so “tribal”. I want something more elegant and pretty, to match what I want on the very inside of the tat:


I’m really digging that endless knot in the gold color, so I might just get it tatted in that, with the outline of it in black, but I’m still undecided about whether I want the runes in a color or not. I was thinking, maybe getting the runes in black and having the inside/background behind the runes filled in with a red, because that would look kinda cool. And then maybe having the elegant weave/knot circle being in an orange color, like a burnt orange, or darker orange.

Just some ideas I’m playing around with. 🙂

Kimi created a mock-up for what it might look like for me! Lookie!:


She made the knot black, but I kinda like it like that. And now that I’m looking at it, I’m thinking I don’t really NEED another element to it in the form of another circle of “elegant weave/knot-work”. I kinda like it just the way it is. Of course the lines of the knot would be smoothed out more once it’s tatted on me, but I’m just actually really diggin’ it as it is. Yah! 😀

AND I may be getting this tatted on me sooner than expected! The guy who did my first tat did it “in house”, aka in my cousin’s home because he was a friend of my cousin’s baby momma (who I basically consider my cousin too, because she’s just fucking awesome as crap!), and even though he works in a local tattoo shop now (he was living out of state back then), he has offered to do another “in house” session for her, and I am most eager to attend, because he does them for discounted rates when he does them “in house”. 😀 So yahz again!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

I’m going to get the tat without the color though, so just basically this:


Probably on the area above my collar bone and going towards my shoulder. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

But MAN are cons expensive! For SeaCon, just for the basic package I want that’ll get me into the con, guarantee me a seat for the entire three days, (not autographs or anything of that nature), it’s $190 (the General Admission Weekend Package). To get into the Saturday Night Concert is another $50 and for a Jensen photo op, it’s $149. So that brings my total to $389. Just for SeaCon. And I still have to think about money for the REST of my TWO WEEK TRIP to Seattle and also money for Sakura Con, the weekend AFTER SeaCon. Not to mention money with which to EAT during SeaCon and buy stuff to DRINK and what not. Sigh.

And I have to come up with all this money BEFORE March. Particularly the $389. That has to be paid in advance, of course. And the Sakura Con ticket must be bought in advance as well.

I even though I got my SeaCon price down to $389 (including the Jensen photo-op), but there’s still the whole thing of, ya know, money… :/

I need a job. Like, yesterday. But I can barely stay awake during the day. I have no energy. I am lethargic and listless. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about that. I can’t even focus when I’m doing NOTHING, I can’t imagine having to try to focus when I’m supposed to be doing SOMETHING! I would have a mental breakdown out of pure frustration and the stress and the overwhelming anxiety it would cause me. Sigh.

I have anxiety just THINKING about getting a job. Blah.

But one must do what one must do, I suppose. Even at the cost of one’s mental health. :/ That I’ve been working SO DAMN HARD to get stabilized for SO DAMN LONG. Ugh.

Anyway, on to happier topics!

Remember that nail polish I mentioned Kimi mixing up for me?


On the left is the nail polish I asked her to be on the lookout for a match for me for, because she does a lot of nail polish shopping (LOLZ! Understatement of the CENTURY! 😉 ), and on the right is the nail polish she mixed up for me! They’re practically a perfect match! I’m so thrilled! And you might have seen this on my Instagram already (and if not, why are you not following me over there already?!), but I still wanted to post it. 😀 My bottle actually WAY more full than the picture makes it appear, I’m just tilting it, lolz!

I’m SO stocked, because I wanted that polish for the Vivian Lake cosplay as a “Sexy Hunter” I wanted to do at SeaCon (or AtlCon if I don’t go to SeaCon), and I just couldn’t find that damn shit ANYWHERE so I was really upset about it, and then I just thought, “Well, maybe while Kimi‘s out and about shopping for polishes, she might spot something similar…” so I asked her, and then she just MADE me one! AAAHHH!!!! She’s so AMAZING!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

In also other “artistic”/”beauty” news… I’M GETTING MY HAIRZ CUT TODAY!!!

OMG, I’m SOOOOOOOO excited, I can’t even tell you! I hope it turns out just as amazing as I hope it will. ❤ ❤

Wish me luck?

I’ll take pictures and post them in the entry I plan to post on Monday (or Tuesday)! So you’ll have to wait until then to see it! 😉

I’m also doing A Day In The Life today, so taking pictures every hour to represent my life. Haha. Will be posting the results on the 28th. 😉 Keep an eye out for that! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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  1. depepi says:

    Awww The tattoo is going to be awesome!! And you can do inhouse tattoo visits??? O.o I didn’t know that! You need to blog all about it 😀 😀 😀 ++++ pics 😀 😀 😀

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