The Hangover (In Real Life)

Haha. Not really. I DID end up drinking at the restaurant and DID end up puking during the night pretty terribly, but I don’t typically get hangovers unless I just don’t really sleep during the night after I was drinking, and I slept pretty well before and then after throwing up my entire dinner, and THEN after I woke up pretty early this morning and went back to bed after being up for a little while. Haha. So I got sleep. 😉 But a “spoonie”, as a fibromyalgia or other chronic-illness patient can be called, needs a LOT of sleep to feel even half-way decent. 😛

So basically my version of a “hangover” is just not getting enough sleep and feeling like total shit because of it. 😛 And that’s part of why I stopped drinking, because it seemed to interfere with my sleep medication and because I seemed more liable to puke more easily on very little alcohol, probably because of my medications. So it just wasn’t worth it, to me, to drink that often. I WILL drink on occasion, though, because I DO enjoy a Midori Sour or a daiquiri (and wouldn’t you know, last night was at a daiquiri bar, lol!) every now and then, so I thought this would be my “every now and then”, since it’s been like, a year, since I’ve drunk. And I overestimated my tolerance. LOL. Eh, you live and you learn. *shrugs*

Sadly, though, the night didn’t start out so great. First off, it took a LOT of effort for me just to shower, which is REALLY sad. I hadn’t realized just how bad my fibro has gotten, to where it’s now incredibly physically taxing just to take a damn shower. Ugh. And THEN I had to rush, which is never good for me because it also leads to me hurting myself, because the shower took longer than I had anticipated it taking due to said taxation. And then my father had come to my house with my mother (who I live with) and he was going to be driving us and my father and I just can NOT get along recently and we ended up in a screaming match pretty much from the moment we started “talking” to the moment my parents dropped me off at Kimi’s apartment so I could ride with them to the restaurant. I can’t even COUNT how many times I told him I hated him during that duration of time. And I do, I honestly do. He is the reason for SO MANY of my fucking problems and he refuses to accept or acknowledge that and try to NOT be a total fucking douche. Sigh.

And I haven’t been around “people” who weren’t my immediate family in an incredibly long time either, so my anxiety was pretty high at first, but once I started drinking, I was able to relax and be more chill. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through the night if I hadn’t been drinking, to be truthful. :/ Screw anxiety, man.

God, I’m a mess. :/

But my hair is soft and fluffy. ❤ 😉

Welp, just wanted to document my night, in case anyone was interested in how it all turned out. You’re welcome. 😉


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