5 Fandom Friday!

Another 5 Fandom Friday! And I’m super excited about this one!!! *squee*

5 Fandom Friday is a list of 5 things related to a prompt given to you by a G+ blogging community called Female Geek Bloggers.

This week’s AMAZE-BALLS prompt?: Characters I Want to Dress Up As for Halloween!!!!!!!!!


I’m gonna CHANGE IT!


Characters I Want to Dress Up As for SeaCon & AtlCon!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Vivian “Jinx” Lake: My SPN fanfic character. Check out Vivificated for more information on the character of Vivian.
    (There’s also a cross I’m going to wear whenever I do this cosplay that’s my grandmother’s and I’m actually wearing it now, but I’ll continue to wear it for the cosplay as well, and also continue wearing my animal paw print pendant necklace for the cosplay, so I’ll basically just take off my anti possession pendant necklace and my “Bitch” ring friendship necklace, but I’ll keep the friendship necklace on me in some way, because I LOVE EMILY!!!!!!!!)
  2. Casual Femme Castiel: A casual, easy cosplay female version of the character Castiel from Supernatural.
    2015-05-04 18.57.11wings
    (There are bows on the backs of the stockings and a bow pinning the hair back, half up, on the wig. 😀 )
  3. Young Rowena: A more youthful version of the powerfully witchy mother of the King of Hell.
    rowenapendantrowenadress rowenawigrowenaeyesroa2 copy
  4. Dream Charlie: This is Charlie from her “dream-induced state” when she is captured by the djinn and Dean has to enter her dreams to save her.
  5. Dark Charlie: This is Charlie when she separates her good and bad sides in Oz and they both come back to our world and her Dark Side starts wrecking havoc.



Dark Femme Castiel: My version of a Dark Castiel, but obviously female, so a sexified version of Castiel.

Femme Castiel: My REAL version of a Femme Castiel, a REAL put together cosplay, not just a dress from HT. 😉


And there you have it! My list of cosplays I would LOVE to do for SeaCon and AtlCon! Stay tuned to see which ones I actually end up doing or if I end up doing completely different ones altogether! 😉


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