Celtic Knot Tat, Cleaning, & Tired As Fuck

So…Supernatural Sunday isn’t happening either… My mom isn’t working the weekends anymore, so I don’t have “alone time” in the dining room where my laptop and my “work” space is stationed, so it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow, when both my mother and sister will be at work/school.

So tomorrow will me Supernatural-ly Magical Manic Mandy Monday! 😉

And speaking of Supernatural, I’ve decided I want to get an anti possession tattoo that’s a LITTLE different than what the boys have in the show. I want an endless knot instead of a pentagram, because I think my father would be less likely to have a fucking heart attack if I had an endless Celtic knot tatted on me as opposed to “the sign of the devil”. Lol. Let me show you pictures!


(I want the outside ring of this…)


(Encircling the outside ring of this…)


(With this in the middle of the two rings!)

Haven’t decided on if I want it all in black or in different colors or (k)not (ahahahahaha!), but I’ve got plenty of time to decide. 😉

I’m a little ashamed of myself, though, because I backed down against my father not only in not getting a pentagram tattoo but also because… I took my anti possession necklace off for when he came over and hid all my hair dying stuff so he wouldn’t see it and flip out… But see, I didn’t do it because I give a flying FUCK what HE thinks about any of it… I did it so my MOTHER doesn’t have to have abused heaped upon her about it and have to endure listening to us scream at each other the whole time he’s here. I did it all because SHE asked me to. I did it out of RESPECT for HER. NOT for HIM.

But my dad told me last night he’s going to try to get me a decent laptop sometime between now and Christmas, but he’s getting my sister one first because I already have this little Chromebook for myself. That’s very generous of him, but I’m afraid of the strings that will come attached to it, the “I bought this/paid for this for you, so you HAVE to LOVE me and DO WHATEVER I SAY AND WANT” shit that he likes to pull with us. Sigh.

And then, he says he had 13 houses to do pest control on today, because he’s an exterminator who owns his own business and he’s really good at what he does, he’s just fucking lazy and doesn’t go to work anymore. Like, today. He mentioned those 13 houses. Then my mom and him go outside, and when they come back inside, my mom announces that they are “going to go riding”, and I’m just like “what the fuck??” because he NEEDS to be working! How the fuck is he supposed to PAY for ANYTHING if he’s not DOING anything? I don’t understand… *headdesk*

And I don’t know what wild bug crawled up my ass, but I TOTALLY felt like doing something productive today in cleaning up my room and putting away all the clothes (basically ALL my clothes) that have been sitting in my suitcase piled up on top of each other and in a mesh hamper EVER SINCE I MOVED BACK IN WITH MY MOM OVER A YEAR AGO. Yeah…it was definitely time to get that shit straightened out. Especially as I want to go through it, find what I can wear, give away what is not fucked up that I can’t, toss out what is fucked up that I can’t, and keep what I REALLY REALLY love that I can’t wear right now in the hopes that one day I’ll be skinny enough to wear them again. Haha! I can dream, right? RIGHT?! 😉

Now you can actually WALK THROUGH MY ROOM! And I cleaned off some other stuff too, including my “work” space (aka the dining room table, haha!). I got it all organized and shit. It’s looking pretty sharp, in my opinion. 😉 What say you, oh people who live inside of my piece-of-shit Chromebook bought for me by my now-ex-fiance?


Inside of the box are my various colored pens and highlighters and markers and such. In the basket are all my journals and crafts and projects. The pile with the red book on top is my To-Do stuff and where I keep all my precious “lists”. Haha. 😉 The blue book underneath all of it is my sketchbook and it’s got my folder with all my tat ideas (that I’ve been able to print out so far) in it as well as my drawings and I tape my string knot creations to the front of the book when I make them (in the process of making an “Oil Slick” hair dying style inspired one right now).

But I think I’ve babbled enough. I’m absolutely WORN THE FUCK OUT from cleaning up my room and my work space and I just had dinner, so I need to rest and chill for the rest of the night. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your night! See ya tomorrow! 😉

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