Winchester Wednesday!



Hell yeah!!!! A NEW EPISODE OF SUPERNATURAL TONIGHTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances*







Oh Jensen, you really ARE one sexy muthafucka… *sighs*

Speaking of SPN, I really took a stand with my father when he pretty much demanded I take off my anti possession symbol necklace because it was the “sign of Satan” and me wearing it was me “admonishing Satan” and being “the bride of Satan”. I told him I was NOT taking it off, very firmly. I pretty much screamed it at him. LOLZ! I’m pretty hardcore about my SPN (if you haven’t noticed by now…LOLZ!), and even though I was scared of my dad’s reaction, I couldn’t fight the love I have for the show and the cast in me to defend it and stand up for it. My father can suck it.

I can’t WAIT to see his reaction whenever he sees me after I get my SPN related tattoos, which have the pentagram in them as well. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Asshole…

Also, in “Supernatural” type related stuffz, I did a tarot reading for myself, in the Question-And-Answer Spread, and got a scarily accurate (as always), but kinda mixed message answer for my question. Like, there wasn’t really an answer. It just showed my fears of what could happen. Or maybe that was saying that was what would happen? I dunno. It was strange, but still, pretty damn accurate. My deck, even though it was one of those “starter sets” you get from Barnes & Noble that I got YEARS ago, is pretty powerful, and ALWAYS gives pretty damn accurate readings, even if I’m not the one giving the reading and someone else is using my deck to give someone else a reading or even to give me a reading. It can be a little spooky at times… Haha.

And, regarding my Seattle trip, I’m REALLY hoping to be able to fly out on March 13 and come back on March 28, which means I’ll be able to be there for both SeaCon AND Sakura Con! That would be splendiferous! But it just depends on if my friend Kayce, who is footing my traveling bill (bless her lovely soul), is cool with that timeline. She DID say she wanted me to come out for two weeks, and the 28th is only one day over two weeks. *shrugs* We’ll see what happens.

If I DO get to go to Sakura Con as well, I need to find pants for my Inuyasha cosplay, as well as shoes and glue on fingernails that are like claws and get a prescription for contacts and get prescription yellow contacts. Or, if I can’t get all that, I can just wear my Casual Femme Castiel Cosplay, because even though it’s not really anime/Japanese related, it’s still cosplay. *shrugs*

And because of all the undo stress in my life right now, and freaking out about shit, I’ve begun making lists…lots of lists…because that’s what I do when I get anxious… Yeah, I’m a freak, LOLZ!!! 😉

And I absolutely HATE when I can’t find things that I am looking for. It makes me VERY unhappy. Gggrrr….

I also hate when something I really really want/need is on sale, BUT the sale says it’s only going to last until the day BEFORE you’re able to actually PAY FOR THE SHIT, so it’ll go back up to being hella expensive again BEFORE YOU GET THE CHANCE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A REALLY REALLY GREAT DEAL!!!!!! *headdesk* :/


Don’t forget about my giveaway guys! It’s for Halloween scrapbooking supplies, and scrapbooking is pretty geekily awesome! 😉 I’ve also now added 5 pieces of BLACK card stock, in addition to what is listed, PLUS the black spool of ribbon I also added previously. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Halloween Scrapbooking Giveaway Celebrating One Month of Existence


10 thoughts on “Winchester Wednesday!

  1. Kimi Who (@WhoIsKimi) says:

    Ugh. My parents were the same way. When I was younger, I was branching out and trying to discover myself. I got into Wicca for a bit (honestly because of the guy I was seeing but that’s a different story lol). I wore a Pentacle necklace, which as you probably already know… simply represents the 5 elements. But my Mother was convinced that it was a Satanic symbol and I wasn’t allowed to be in her home with it on. “It’s a devil worshipping symbol” ya know. 😉

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  2. depepi says:

    First, OMG that’s fangirling with gifs xDDDDDD And about parents: they’re from another generation. Take their background, how they were raised, the values they held, and what their young years might have been (which fashion and all was at that time, what happened historically, and all that), and you’ll get their reaction. Meaning, if you kind of make a map of their story, background, culture and their lives, you are able to know in advance how they’re going to react, why they are going to react that way, and how strong they will feel about it. And the most important thing: if you know that, you are also are prepared to reason your decisitions with them (if possible), or know the emotional cost of arguing that’s going to have on you. 😉 I know: this sounds so Loki.

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    • *Mandy* ~ The TRUE U.F.O. says:

      The crazy thing was, my dad was a “wild child” back in his younger days, not really “Pagan”-esque, but at least with drugs and alcohol, but within the past 5-7 years or so, he’s gotten increasingly more and more intensely religious, he’s basically become a zealot. No, that’s not true. HE IS A ZEALOT. Sigh. It’s just because he’s mentally ill and it’s getting worse and worse, just like it did with HIS father, because they both went undiagnosed and then of course untreated and refused to even admit they WERE even POTENTIALLY ill. *headdesk*


      • depepi says:

        Wow, then don’t take in too much if he is harsh when replying. He might have a hard time trying to make any sense of what’s going on with him. Do your thing. (I know it’s hard, but, it’s the best).

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      • *Mandy* ~ The TRUE U.F.O. says:

        Thanks love, I try, but it’s really hard when all you’ve known your whole life from that one person has been abuse. It just…enrages me…that he continues to allow himself to be this way when we’ve pointed it out to him SO MANY TIMES that HE IS THE PROBLEM within our family, not any of US. *headdesk*


      • depepi says:

        I don’t know if this will help you or not, but i leaned in Japan that when we face the same thing in life again and again, it means that we have a test. If we don’t pass our test, we’ll find the same exact thing in the next life (which is a nitemare, really). So, try to ignore and stop caring about what he says. Here the test is not in him getting better, but in you being able to be inmune of what he does and says. If you do that, you’ll pass the test and he’ll never make you mad again. (PM me if you want). I know this sounds a little bit weird, but it makes sense to me. I hope it helps.

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      • *Mandy* ~ The TRUE U.F.O. says:

        I like that theory. It’s just the application of it that’s so hard, ya know? It’s so so hard not to let him get to me, which is why I want to move to Seattle, but I’m afraid that if I move to Seattle, I’ll completely lose my ex, so I’m kinda stuck. Blah. :/


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