My First Monthly Goals: October 2015

So this is my first Monthly Goals link-up post, hosted by My So-Called Chaos and A Peek At Karen’s World, where you post your goals for the month (and if you posted goals for the previous month, you post how you did regarding achieving those goals).

October is a…hard…month for me now… It marks one year since my ex broke up with me, and I can’t even process that first part of this sentence. I can’t even process that we’re broken up. I just…can’t deal… Sigh.

But none-the-less, I shall try to set goals for myself to achieve this month to try to give myself some distraction from the pain, heartache, and depression I will most definitely feel throughout this entire month. 😦

Here, something to cheer myself up a bit!:



❤ ❤ ❤ This Month’s Goals ❤ ❤ ❤

~~Take pictures of me in my Everyday Lady Loki Cosplay
~~Write my review for Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army
~~Go to an appointment with my local mental health clinic about their DBT program (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) for help with coping with my illnesses
~~Send off Emily’s package
~~Write my friend Diane a letter back to the letter she sent me
~~Send a birthday card to turning-3-years-old Tristan (son of AKF Gift Exchange member)
~~Send a card to Ronni (my AKF/SPN Family friend)
~~See my psychiatrist
~~Write my Supernatural Season Premiere Review guest post for another blog
~~Get my yearly gyno exam (on the anniversary of the break-up)
~~Take it very easy on myself on the 12th and cry as much as I need to and allow myself to do so without judgement (the anniversary)
~~Buy part of my Gift Exchange gifts (or supplies for making parts of it)
~~Deliver the part of Kimi’s birthday present that I handmade
~~Read a book
~~See my therapist
~~Get caught up with my journaling
~~Buy a new journal
~~Finish my “Oil Slick” inspired string knot necklace/bracelet
~~Get down to 175 lbs and stay there or under
~~Try to set up an appointment with my tattoo artist to go over tat ideas and prices they would cost and then maybe tentatively set up an appointment to have one (or both? 😉 ) done (The reason I say “try to set up” is because my mom is my ride because I have no vehicle and my dad is VEHEMENTLY against me getting any more tattoos than the one I have now and if he found out she was taking me to an appointment to discuss getting MORE tattoos done, he would lose his shit… So it just depends on if my mom is willing to risk it or not… Or if she’d just be willing to drop me off and then come pick me up, though I don’t think the appointment would take up all the much time and she would probably just get home only to take to turn around and have to come get me again if she did that… Blargh!)


(Um…not quite sure why the button isn’t showing up for the link-up, but I tried? :/ Meh… I tried from both My So-Called Chaos’ site and also from A Peek At Karen’s World’s site! I dunno what I’m doing wrong! So I’ll just link back to My So-Called Chaos’ October Goals post.)


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