A B C, 1 2 3, Baby You And Me

Holy SHIT. I have been CRAVING Chef Boyardee “ABC’s & 123’s with Meatballs” for, like, fucking EVER recently and my GLORIOUS mother went out and bought me some! I am happily happily HAPPILY gorging myself on a can of said cuisine at this very moment. Deliciousness. But not nearly as delicious as Jensen…


Just saying… 😉

OMG, that man is SO FUCKING HAWT! I NEEDZ HIS BABIES IN MY WOMB!!!!! IT IS CRYING OUT FOR HIS SEED!!!!!! LOLS!!!!!!! I crack myself up, which is good, because I’m pretty sure no one else thinks I’m NEARLY as funny as I find myself to be. Lol. 😉

But seriously? I NEED to fuck him. Just saying. 😉 ❤



I’m terribly excited about an AKF (Always Keep Fighting) Gift Exchange that my friend Emily is running on FB. And we found out our picks for our person who we are gifting to yesterday and I’m SUPER excited about who I got because she’s actually an acquaintance of mine who I’ve been befriending recently and I’m really happy to be able to be gifting her things that she might really like and also a few things I just want to give her. 😉 I’ll probably just keep adding to her gift as it goes and then send it as it gets closer to Christmas. 😀

I met Emily through an AKF group and we bonded over an AKF meet-up that she started planning and I got in on helping her with the planning and now we’ve become great friends! She’s absolutely wonderful and I’m sending her a little present, a friendship necklace, to commemorate our experiences with all this AKF stuff together! The necklace is a two part necklace, like most friendship necklaces are, except this one is, of course, SPN related. Haha. Check it, yo!


Supernatural Jerk & Bitch Ring Necklace Set

She’s getting the “Jerk” one, because that’s what Sam says, and she’s more like Sam in our relationship, being that she’s more calm and reasonable and tries to work things out with people and be nice to them. I, one the other hand, get the “Bitch” one, because, well, I AM a bitch (hehe!), and plus, Dean says “Bitch” and I’m more like Dean because I’m the hot-head who flies off the handle and curses up a storm and loses it constantly over people being stupid. Lol.

To show you how absolute sweet and adorable she is, when I told her what I was doing regarding the necklaces and the explanation behind it, she told me she was crying. ❤ I loves her.

I’m also sending her some sexual related things, because that’s just how I am, I like to gift my friends with fun stuff to play with! 😉

Oh, I KNEW I had forgotten something cute and adorable in my giraffe collection, but couldn’t remember what it was until a little while ago, so here it is:


It’s a flash giraffe! Haha! A slightly off rhyme. 😉 He’s so cute!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I loves him! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Hehe!

My favorite thing about him, though, is that it’s his ASS that is the flash-drive! So you have an ass sticking out of your computer when you use him. Lol! It cracks me up. I especially love putting stuff on it that I need to have printed off elsewhere and taking it to them and handing the sales person the ass of the giraffe and just grinning like the Cheshire Cat because it’s so funny that I’m handing them an ass. Haha! They literally “put my ass into it”… 😉 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Also, happy Bisexual Equality/Awareness Week!


I changed my profile pic on FB to the above picture to support all my bi friends and potentially family members who just haven’t said anything yet. Lol. Ya never know, ya know what I mean? 😉




Haha. I’m going to be posting that meme a LOT until the premiere, and probably afterwards too, I’m not gonna lie… 😉

I really need to go back through all of my posts so far, before I get too many more that it gets too overwhelming of a task to do, and put “tags” in all of them, because that’s one thing I’ve been failing to do so far throughout this process. I do it on my OTHER blog (Sex & The Holy City), but for some reason, I just didn’t start doing it with this one… I honestly don’t know why. *shrugs* So I shall rectify my error and henceforth correct my behavior! 😀

Or, well, I’ll do it tomorrow… Haha. 😉

Peace, my dears!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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