Ink and Art *EDIT*

So I updated the “So What’s The Deal?” page on Vivificated. Put more about the character of Vivian Lake on there. 😀 So check it, yo! 😉 If you missed it, Vivificated is my 18+ SPN FanFic and Vivian Lake is the main character. 🙂 My last post from yesterday was of a cosplay I’m going to do of her for my photo op with Jensen at SeaCon in March. 😀


And and and OMG, KIMI IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!! She digitally colored in this anti-possession tattoo design that I’m TOTALLY in love with and that I want to get on each end of my collarbone area (so two tats in total), and it’s INCREDIBLE! I LOVES IT SO MUCH!!!!!! LOOKIE!!!!!!


OMG!!!!!!!!! IT’S PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!! *dies*

The design itself is by an artist by the name of Bianca Gambrioli. I found her on deviantart. She’s amazing! Though the pentagram in the middle isn’t right. Not to match the ones the boys in SPN have. The bottom left point is supposed to have the OTHER side as open and broken and the side that is shown as open and broken is supposed to be black and filled in. 😛

Haha. I’m such an SPN dork! 😉

**EDIT** I think I’ve decided that I’m just going to get the pentagram completely filled in with black, with no breaks. I just think I like it better that way. 😛


And and OMG!!! My friend Diedre, who is a FANTASTIC artist and has drawn many a FUCKING AWESOME thing for me, mostly tattoos that I plan to have inked on me in the future, is going to draw me a pencil sketch of Jensen Ackles as Dean from SPN! I picked my favorite picture of him from the show, and sent it to her, and she’s kinda self-conscious about her skills drawing people, but I have NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that it’s going to be FUCKING AWESOME, just like everything else she’s done for me. This is the Dean pic she’s going to try to recreate (it’s entitled “ohforfuckssake” when I saved it onto my computer, lol!):



She also drew this really FUCKING AWESOME portrait of Dobby from Harry Potter that I am totally in love with and am considering buying off of her…once my mom gives me the money she owes me… Lol. Check it out!


The artist is Diedre Maloney and I, Mandy Stone, in no way, shape, or form claim ANY rights to said drawing or it’s creation. That’s all her. Because she’s FABULOUS and all that shit. 😉 Seriously, she freakin’ rocks.


She’s also going to do a painting extremely similar to the one below for me, because I wanted to buy the original, but she had already sold it, and I didn’t know that, so she said she could do one for me at a very low cost, but it wouldn’t be “EXACTLY” the same, which I completely understand, but very similar, and we’re going to add in the color pale green along with the colors in the painting already. So here’s the painting:


It’s only 8 inches by 8 inches, but I just absolutely ADORE it. It kinda reminds me of the Tree of Life, without being OBVIOUSLY the Tree of Life, which would make my dad go APE SHIT if he saw an actual Tree of Life on my wall, because he would think it was pagan and that I was practicing witchcraft or something stupid like that because he’s stupid himself and ultra religious and crazy about his religion and tries to force it on everyone else. Sigh. :/


AND she’s going to design ANOTHER tattoo design for me based off one of the “shackles” pictures I posted. This one:

d8409a4e28b39c014e8241175019f69a (1)


I can’t even tell you how much I love this woman! Want to see the ones she’s already designed for me? Of course you do! 😉 Here’s the very first one she ever designed for me, because I love dragonflies and consider them my spirit animal and always have, since I was really really young:


Isn’t it GORGEOUS?! I loves it so hardcore!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The second one she designed was at my request for a bipolar related tattoo and I gave her an idea of something I liked and she just took it and did an AMAZE-BALL job with it. Lookie!:


I want it without the ribbon though, now. Or maybe keep it… I dunno. I’m so indecisive… Lol. I’m so…bipolar… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 😀 But anyway, I LOVE this tat design! It’s SO PRETTY! And the way she incorporated lilies into it was just…incredible…because I don’t think I told her I really love lilies, I think she just went with lilies, and it worked out so amazingly!!!! Or maybe I did tell her I liked lilies… Either way!!! Gah! SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!!


Oh, and if you’re still interested in Jamberry, don’t forget about my Jamberry party, where if you order through it, I get rewards and benefits! So help a sista’ out, if you can and would like to! 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Mandy’s 2015 Jamberry Party


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