Celebrating One Week Of Existence!

Today marks one week since I began my fangirl blogging venture.

And I’m happy to say that I am quite happy with it. 😀

I’ve had over 100 views and over 50 visitors over the last week, and to me that’s pretty impressive! I mean, I am just starting out and all, so getting any kind of decent amount of viewing and visitation is excellent in my opinion! 😉

To celebrate, I may just try out this little fall-themed recipe here, seeing as I have most of a bottle of Midori left in my fridge that I bought about a year ago, maybe? Maybe a little less than that? Haha. Anyway, I wanted to try the recipe because the Fandom Friday prompt was about Autumn and this is a very “Autumn” drink, hehe. So, here’s the recipe:



I also made a quick little banner for my blog, which you can see in the sidebar, but which I’ll also post here!


So I has been productive so far todays! At least a little… Lol!

Now I’m just waiting on my mom to come home from staying the night with my father. He told me she has leftover Chinese food, and I WANTS IT SO BAD!!!! YES MY PRECIOUSSSSSSS!!!!!!! *falls over* Dear God, please let her come home soon! I am sooooooooo hungry! Ugh! Okay, enough whining, I shall go do…something…now. I shall read! Yes, that’s productive! 😉


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