Priorities! I gots ’em!

So my cousin is getting married on March 19, 2016 in North Carolina. She’s having a destination wedding, as we live in South Carolina. And the Seattle Supernatural Convention (also known as SeaCon) is March 18-20, 2016…

And I’m kinda sorta going to not go to my cousin’s wedding and will be in Seattle before her wedding festivities even start in preparation for SeaCon 2016. I’m also going to Seattle to visit with friends and decide if I want to move there, but that’s beside the point.

The point is: I’m choosing SPN over my family. LOL! That’s REAL fangirl love right there, I tell ya. I mean, seriously, I would MUCH prefer to be in Seattle, even if it’s bitterly cold and raining or snowing or whatever it wants to do weather-wise, meeting the cast (and ESPECIALLY MEETING JENSEN!!!!!! AND GETTING MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH HIM!!!!!!!!) of my absolute favorite television show and getting to commune with other super fans of said show than at the wedding of my estranged cousin, having to be around my estranged family, feeling awkward and out of place, probably with no one to really talk to.

Instead, I’ll be spending two weeks in the wonderful, amazing city of Seattle living out one of my dreams and spending time with amazing friends and maybe even making a life changing decision and starting to put things in motion to make that decision a reality. I like this option much better. No offense meant to my cousin or my family. I just really need this vacation and this experience with the convention and the time away from this city and all that it holds.

I’m REALLY looking forward to my trip to Seattle and SeaCon. It’s going to be fucking AWESOME and I just CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!! *squees and flails hands* I just need to actually save up money now so I can BUY the TICKET for SeaCon and the autograph ticket and the photo-op ticket I want. And save up some money for food and such while I’m out there. But having no job makes that hard. And my mom gives me money, but then she ends up needing it back because of financial problems, so I lose my cushion. Sigh.

And I was considering getting a tattoo before then as well, on my birthday, when I turn 28. It’ll help me deal with the impending sense of doom I feel at getting older and feeling like a total and utter failure at and in life. I was considering getting this pretty antipossession design tattooed on the ends of my collarbone area, and having the little flowery, petal type portions being colored in in oranges and reds and yellows and some hint of blue, like the different colors fire can turn, like one of my fanfic characters has in my SPN stories.


I was also considering getting the word “Ackleholic” tattooed as a tramp stamp on my back maybe inside a heart that’s intricately designed or with a heart design underneath the word.

My sister said that would be ridiculous to do.

But I like the idea of sauntering up to Jensen for my photo-op and turning around in my latex corset dress that laces all the way up the back (which I’ll be wearing latex hot pants underneath) and letting him see through the backing of the dress the tattoo and seeing how he reacts. I like to leave an impression. šŸ˜‰ Go big or go home, as they say! Lol!

So what do you guys think? Is getting a Jensen-related tattoo a bit TOO much? Or is it completely and utterly warranted, given how in love with him I am and how AWESOME he is? šŸ˜‰


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