Lighter Fare (More Jammin’)

So I thought to take some of the heaviness off the last entry, I’d post a more lighthearted one today too!

This is my Jamberry Wishlist! (The reason they are in foursomes is because it’s buy 3 sheets, get 1 free!)

First group I’d like to get:


(Top: Pumpkin Spice & Maple Sugar, Bottom: Double Trouble & Wild and Free)


Second grouping I’d like to get:


(Top: Frosted Forest & Champagne Frost, Bottom: Enchanted & Jewelry Box)


Third grouping I’d like to get:


(Top: Bittersweet & Borderline Marsala, Bottom: Marsala Palace & Marsala Sky)


Fourth grouping I’d like to get:


(Top: Playground & Girl Talk, Bottom: Sugar & Spice and Amore)


Fifth grouping I’d like to get:


(Top: Happily Ever After & Paint Party, Bottom: Once Upon A Time & Star Crossed)


Sixth grouping I’d like to get:


(Top: Glitter Marsala & Savannah Sparkle, Bottom: Renaissance & Crash Art)


Now, obviously, there are probably SO MANY MORE I’d LOVE to get my hands one, but this is just my SHORT list for now. 😉 Lol!

Oh, don’t forget! I’m currently having a link Jamberry party, where if you buy from my party, I get perks and benefits and you’ll be helping me out a lot by buying from me if you’re interested in checking these AWESOME nail wraps out! 😉

Link for my party is below:

My 2015 Jamberry Party!

Check y’all laters!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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