Gettin’ My Jam On!

I may or may not have mentioned it before (I know it’s on my Get To Know the Fangirl page), but I really like Jamberry nail wraps. They are fun and unique and make me feel pretty when I put them on and wear them. Plus, I’m notorious for chipping my nail polish literally SECONDS after applying it or having it applied for me, so these things are AMAZING since they don’t chip like that, especially not right away! 🙂

This is a collage of my first 3 Jamicures that I did using sample Jams I was given by consultants and nail polishes:


Those were done back in 2014, when I first got into Jamberry and had an online FB party where my friends attended an event for like a week and we played games and bought wraps at discounted rates or for deals or won them in contests and such. It was kind of a bittersweet experience, though, because the consultant I was dealing with was quite rude and harsh towards a few of my friends who tried to ask questions of her and even with me during the party and throughout the hostess ordering process.

I now have a good friend who is a consultant and I am going through HER now to get my Jam fix. Lol.

And I’m actually having a party right now! So if you’re interested in trying out some Jams, you can help ME earn rewards in the process by buying from my party! The link is below:

My Jamberry 2015 Party!

Below is the collage of my first Jamicure that was done completely from Jams that I had got myself. Both of the Jams I used were Valentine’s Day exclusives that they were trying to get rid of and were going to stop selling soon, so I took advantage of a deal the consultant posted and got them with my best friend, at the time, when she ordered some stuff.


That one was obviously, of course, done in 2014 as well. After that, I kinda fell off the Jam wagon because I was going through a really deep depression and struggling with my bipolar and issues with my fiance and then shortly afterwards he kicked me out for us to “take a break” and then a few months after THAT he decided to officially break up with me. Sigh.

But I’m FINALLY (almost a year after the break up) getting my “groove” back and starting to get back into my Jams, and I’m just trying to let my nails grow out right now so I can actually PUT them on because I’ve been chewing my nails off due to anxiety and OCD, so I had to resolve to stop fucking with my nails so that I could get my Jam on again! Lol!

These are the Jams I want to put on once my nails are all grown out:


They were the Hostess Exclusive wraps for the month of July in 2014. Over a year later, I’m finally getting around to USING them! Lol! You actually get more wraps than what I’m showing in that pic, you get a whole second row, but I had already cut out the wraps I want to use for my nails from the other row when I took the above pic, so I just cropped that cut up row out and just showed the intact row so you could see all the wraps for this particular pack in all their glory and might! 😉 You’re welcome! Haha.

Welp, I think this is sufficiently long enough of an entry for today!




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