Ultimate Fangirl Intro *cue theme music*

So…my first post…

What will you find in this blog?

You’ll find venting, ranting, sobbing, depression, fangirling, talking with adoration about men I can never have, talking in haltingly sad tones about the man I still love who devastated me and left me a broken mess, which I still am.

You’ll see cosplay and pictures of items I’ve bought for my fandoms. Or just pictures I find funny from my fandoms. Or that touch my feels. Or maybe even just random pics/videos. I’m just random. Could be part of the bipolar.

I also have fibromyalgia and am trying to get on disability for it because I just can’t work feasibly.

I write fanfiction. Sometimes smutty fanfiction. Lol. I might share sometimes.

I’m undeniably in love with Jensen Ackles. I used to feel that way about Misha Collins, but when I heard Jensen sing, he stole my heart. I’m a musician and a man that can play the guitar and sing so well was just too much for my heart to handle. It just switched suddenly. Misha’s quirky and silly, but I like Jensen’s more laid back and casual vibe.

I’m going to SeaCon in March of 2016, which is the Supernatural Convention in Seattle, WA, and I’ll be staying with friends out there for two weeks and trying to decide if I want to uproot my life from the Southeast of the U.S. and move all the way to the Northwest of the U.S. We shall see… But I am so very much looking forward to meeting the cast, especially Jensen, though I fear I might burst into tears when I DO meet him, and that would be a tad bit embarrassing. 😛

I wrecked my car back in April of 2015 and totaled it and spend most of my time at home, so I’m either on my computer or sleeping, as I’m always fatigued.

Oh, and my father is a total jackass. Believes I can cure depression and bipolar and fibro all by reading the Bible and belief in Jesus. He’s refusing to let me go see my therapist even though I really need to see her. Plus, he calls me a drug addict because I take a decent amount of prescription medications. I sometimes (most of the time) really don’t like him.

I mentioned I’m a musician. I sing and am trying to learn to play my absolutely beautiful guitar. I have a plethora of songs written, just not any music to put it too. 😛 I was trained to sing classically, but am venturing into the world of modern music.

I also have a fur-baby named Mango who is a kitty cat and is a total douche. But I still adore him. He’s MY douche bag. 😉

I have a tattoo on my left wrist designed by my ex-fiance that’s to support the organization TWLOHA that says L’amour and has an upside down red heart shaped like a blood drop or tear drop. It’s in his handwriting, but I expected to spend the rest of my life with him so I wanted him to design it. Sigh.

I think I’ve overloaded you with enough information for now. Hope you stick around!

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